Westgate Car Wash & Lube Centers, Inc.

Car Wash Packages

Texarkana, TX

Westgate Wash


  • Wash
  • Vacuum
  • Clean Windows
  • Hand Dry

Westgate Special


  • Westgate Wash
  • Rainbow Shine
  • Poly Seal 2000
  • Auto Fresh

Westgate Super Special


  • Westgate Wash & Special
  • Mag Magic Treatment
  • Tire Protectant
  • Body Shield

Westgate Works


  • Westgate Wash thru Super Special
  • Interior Protectant
  • Ultra Shine
  • Mats Cleaned

Monthly Car Wash Packages

(Monthly Packages receive discounts on wash upgrades)

30 Day Unlimited Westgate Wash


60 Day Unlimited Westgate Wash


90 Day Unlimited Westgate Wash


We also offer oil changes and have an ASE certified mechanic on duty. Please ask about our prices.

Also, come and enjoy our Wednesday special. This is a $38 value for the AMAZING price of just $19!

All school employees and veterans receive a 10% discount on all services!

Detail services and hand waxes available!

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